Do You Know?
A mother’s breast milk donation is the only way a critically ill, premature infant can receive a purely human milk-based fortified diet.


Human breast milk is vital to the health and well being of all babies, but for babies born premature or critically ill, donated breast milk has the potential to make the difference between a long hospital stay and a quicker recovery. By donating breast milk, you provide critically ill infants with an important chance for survival.

Amaara Human Milk bank holds high standards for professionalism in breast milk donation. It fulfills an important role in the preservation of newborn life. Proper nutrition for newborns is a concern all across the Delhi- NCR. Milk bank serves to ease this concern by collecting breast milk donations from Donor’s home as per the convenience . Donating breast milk is a simple and safe process that can help save the lives of babies in Neonatal Intensive Cares.

Breast milk donation provides a consistent source of nutrition to babies in need. Some premature babies or growth-restricted babies need to receive extra protein and nutrition. One of the biggest problems premature infants face is receiving enough calories and protein to develop and survive, a problem that can be greatly addressed through breast milk donation.

By making the decision to donate breast milk, you can have a great impact on the lives of infants and their families. Donating breast milk is an easy process that can drastically improve the life of a baby. Milk Bank provides opportunities for all qualified donors in Delhi NCR to donate breast milk in a convenient and confidential way.