New breastfeeding mothers sometimes worry whether their baby is getting enough milk or not. After all, every mom wants to make sure that her baby is getting proper nourishment which is needed for the growth of the baby, but it’s impossible to see how much milk a nursing baby actually drinks.

A mother can notice these signs, whether the baby is getting enough milk for their nourishment:

  • Your baby is feeding at least 6 -8 times a day


  • Breastfeeding feels comfortable and you are free of pain in your breast and nipple after the first few sucks, once your milk has let down


  • Your breasts feel softer and less full after feeds because your baby has emptied some of the milk that was making them firm


  • Your nipple looks the same shape as when the feed began, or is slightly elongated


  • Your baby looks a healthy colour, and has firm skin that bounces right back if you pinch it gently


  • Your baby is alert when he is awake, and readily asks for feeds


  • In the first few days, when your baby is getting only your thick, nutrient-rich colostrum, the baby may have only one or two wet diapers a day. But after your baby starts getting regular breast milk, the baby should have at least six wet nappies every 24 hours. Your baby’s urine should be pale and odourless


  • You can see your baby swallow while he is feeding, and he seems to be latched on properly. You’ll be able to hear him swallowing more clearly too, once your milk has come in


  • Your baby changes rhythm while sucking, and pauses during feeds. He should start feeding again when he’s ready, and come off your breast spontaneously when he’s finished


  • In the first month, your baby has at least three stools a day, and they lighten to a yellowy mustard color within five to seven days after birth.