How it works?
Breast milk in NICU acts not only as a nutritional element but also as Medicine. Since, higly- risk newborn babies are the most vulnerable and prone to diseases, the use of Formula Milk in these cases can be highly unsafe. So it’s a better option to feed the baby Pasteurized Donated Human Milk. Preterm babies fed on breast milk get discharged early from the hospital. In fact more the breast milk they receive lesser the chance of infections. It increases neurodevelopment beyond NICU stay and is known to lower short term morbidity by prevent necrotizing enterocolitis , SIDS ,and many other diseases.

  • The properties of Breast milk that make it a medicine – more than just nutrition
  • Colostrum the babies first immunization lines up the intestine protecting from infection.
  • Antibodies continuous supplied by breast milk
  • Millions of leukocytes in fresh breast milk .
  • Omega -3 fatty acid for growth and development of the brain.


Hence there is no substitute for breast milk in the NICU.