A new mother may come across some challenges as she breast feeds her baby. Most of the issues a mother can resolve on her own and sometimes may need help of a lactation consultant.

  • The most common problem that I come across as a lactation consultant is sore /cracked nipple. The problem to a great extent is preventable. Ensure a good latch and hold the baby close to you. See that the baby’s ear , shoulder, hip are in a straight line ,the lower lip curls out on the mothers breast and there is no dimpling of the chin as the baby sucks. Local application of DesiGhee, Lansolein or Nipcare after feeding are recommended. Incase pain persist even after a good latch one would need to review a feeding session to rule out other causes.
  • Low supply of milk is another cause of concern . Feeding within the first hour of birth , skin to skin, exclusive breast feeding with a positive frame of mind will help a better let down and enhance supply. Most often it is not the supply but the concern is the issue. Watching the baby’s urine and stool output and weight gain after the initial loss should put a mom’s worry at bay.
  • Hardness or engorgement of the breast arises mainly because of improper sucking. Mother must ensure that the breast feels light after feeding the baby. It is a matter of the body regulating the demand and supply. Warm compress before feeding with minimal expression of milk would allow a good latch on an engorged breast. Cold compress/ cabbage leaves after feeding would definitely help the mother.