Human milk banks have become a necessity with an insalubrious increase in preemies or low birth weight babies being born in India.  For most the concept of ‘Human Milk Banks’ might be puzzling and the very need of it may seem unnecessary, but ‘Human Milk Banks’ are in fact the greatest boon to preterm babies or mothers who are unable to breastfeed, facilitating the optimum nutrition which a newborn needs during its formal years. A human milk bank or breast milk bank is the best alternative to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the most excellent way to feed a newborn providing them with uniquely necessary elements that are only present in a mother’s milk. However, when this very requisite remains unfulfilled either due to a mother unable to express or a premature baby unable to naturally breastfeed, is where organisations like ‘Human Milk Banks’ come as their saviour.

Amongst the number of milk banks opening in various regions in India, is ‘Amaara’ a milk bank launched in collaboration of Breast Milk Foundation (BMF) and Fortis La Femme, in Delhi/NCR region. A peerless initiative in the region is not only the first of its kind but is a door-to-door facility. The nation capital is the first in India to provide such a facility which does not require mothers to reach a particular destination or pit-stop to either donate or drop off their expressed milk.

This has made it much easier for mothers to donate their expressed surplus milk for premature babies in need. All they need to do is contact the ‘Amaara’ milk bank setting up a convenient timeline – how and when they wish to donate their ‘precious’ milk. Once they do that a certified BMF staff would be sent at their door step to collect the collected milk. They would also be guided on how to express and collect the milk, walking them through the safety measures and precautions they need to keep in mind before they do so. If required ‘Amaara’ also provides you with the equipments needed during the process.

Milk donation for lactating mothers was never so easy, but with ‘Amaara’ has ushered in an era of breast-milk donation which only requires the mothers to be willing to donate and save lives admitted in Neo-natal Intensive Care units (NICU) within Delhi/NCR regions.