Celebrated every year all across the world on 1st of June since 2001, ‘World Milk Day’ was first propounded by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation to spread public awareness about all the prospects of milk and publicize the activities related to milk and milk industries all around the world. Milk is important for all but for an infant it is the ultimate life source which is needed to fortify their immune system to sustain a healthy life ahead. Of all the forms of milk it is the mother’s milk which is recommended to be the best for a child and with the recent declarations from WHO for mother’s to breast feed their children has once again affirmed the importance of milk in the life of a human being commencing as an infant. The latest endeavour in this field has been ‘Amaara’ a milk bank spreading its goodness in the city of Delhi/NCR, saving infant lives.

Milk is seen as a global food and International Dairy Federation every year gets creative to spread the word on milk and its value back then and its increasing importance now more than ever through various promotional activities to distribute the message and make it a common knowledge. Though milk is known to be beneficial by many it has been this particular day which has aided and impacted a large number of the population to understand the reality of milk in our life. Beginning from the very first step of a child’s way in the world to the time one leave’s the world milk remains a constant source of protein and nutrients – the healthy diet for all.

Though a mother’s milk is the purest and the best that one receives as a child but all its other forms are no less and if not equally are considered to be more nutritious than any other diet that one intakes. Milk alone is a healthy source full of calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, iodine, iron, potassium, folates, vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12, protein, healthy fat and etc. A complex food that apart from the said nutrients also contains high qualities of both essential and non-essential amino acids and fatty acids, thus claiming its title of the ultimate food supplement that a child can consume.